Bad Webpages

I would say some of the main issues with the webpages are that most of them are cluttered and not easy to follow. A lot of them had confusing backgrounds and random colors. Some of them have so much on the page that it's not clear where to click.
I would redo the Yale Art webpage. First I would change the background because the GIF background is too confusing and has no purpose. Then I would take off all of the unnecessary information and change the background color on info that is important. I would basically make it more simple because there is too much on there for it to be understandable.

information found about me online

I didn't find much about myself online, but I did fine some pictures and news articles from times I had forgotten about. It was really scary when I googled my parents because you could find my address. That means basically anyone can access that info which is pretty scary. I didn't know that stuff was on the internet and available to anyone.

My Thoughts on Internet Shutdowns

If an Internet shutdown happened here, I am not quite sure what would happen. First off, the schools would be a mess as we rely mostly on internet and computers to do our work. It would be really hard to do schoolwork. I think my parents would have a hard time doing their work too. Both of them work on computers and without internet they wouldn't be able to send or receive any of their work. For me personally it would be hard to contact my friends and family, and would make it hard to know when I work. I think shutting the internet down is wrong. So many people rely on the internet in their daily lives. Governments should not have the right to take away something people rely on, no matter what.